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Celebrating Friendship And Art at The North Carolina Museum of Art

History of the Linden Garden Club of Pinewild


In 1993 several residents of the Pinewild community wanted to join a garden club. At that time, it was difficult as existing area clubs had geographical and/or member number restrictions. So, a group of fifteen ladies decided to start a club of their own. Thus, with the help of Jane McPhaul, the Linden Garden Club of Pinewild joined the local Garden Council and became an official North Carolina Garden Club. In the beginning, meetings were held in members’ homes, refreshments were served and programs were presented on gardening, problems with landscaping, arts and crafts workshops, etc. The official membership the first year of 1993-1994 was 51.


Today, 25 years later, our membership has grown to 129 members and we usually hold our meetings at the Pinewild Country Clubhouse. The Linden Garden Club continues to have interesting and varied programs with lunch created by Chef Todd. The club sponsors a trip once a year to North Carolina gardens, growers, or historical sites. A special holiday luncheon in December and a closing June luncheon held at Weymouth Center, are other highlights of the Linden Garden Club year.

From its inception, the Linden Garden Club of Pinewild has spread some “Gardening Good Will.” The club supports the Weymouth Christmas Tour by decorating a room each year.  Funds have been donated to the Weymouth Center Capital Campaign, and the club donates to the Weymouth Gardens. The club also sponsors  book scholarships to the Sandhills Community College for landscaping and horticulture students. The scholarships are funded by a special raffle at the annual holiday luncheon.

During the past 25 years, the Linden Garden Club has had over 125 speakers with presentations ranging in topic from butterflies to decorating with fresh fruit and flowers. Approximately 29 bus trips have been taken across North Carolina to a variety of venues including art exhibits, nurseries, arboretums, and gardens. Future endeavors for the club include expanding our knowledge of gardening in the Sandhills and by contributing to the greater gardening community.

List of Guest Speakers and Special Workshops

 1993 - 2019


1993 Helen Olson (Holiday Tips), Jane Forrest (Handmade Ornaments)

1993 Jane McPhaul (Holiday Decorating)

1994 Betty Hurst (Floral Arrangements), Carolyn Register (Pine Needle 

1994 Pete Gulley (Spring Gardens), Gloria Murphy (Clarendon Garden Walk)

1994 Helen Olson (Bow Making)

1995 Carmen of Carmen’s Flower Boutique (Holiday Arrangements)

1995 Anna Kaeding (Framing Silk Flowers)
1995 Bulb Workshop by Nona Burrell and Renee Scesa
1995 Fred Whitby (Creating Dishgardens
1995 Janet Robertson of Aberdeen Florists (Perennials in Pots)
1995 Lee Sherman (Professional Flower Arranging)
1995 Mary McPhaul (Conservation and Environment)
1995 Ronald Muller (Wheat Weaving)
1996 Silk Flower Arranging from Michael’s Craft Store

1996 Ben Martin and Kenneth Freeman (What Grows Well in Pinewild?)
1996 Susie Hartman (Flowers on Your Hat)
1996 Benjamin Bessette (Herbs and Garden Techniques)

1996 Kathy Hansley (Decorating Pots), Jack Webster (Orchids)
1997 Pat Feeney (Ikebana & Japanese Culture)

1997 Karl Klabbatz (Clever Floral Designs), Janet Robertson (Container

1997 Nancy Heilman (Pressed Flowers), Gail Scott of Lotus Designs
1997 Bonnie Black (Creative Memories Photo Albums)

1998 Ranger Kim Hyre and Chris Helmes from Weymouth (Our Environment)

1998 Joe Granato (Alluring Aquatic Gardens)

1998 Nona Burrell and Renee Scesa (Wreath-making)

1998 Shona Erlenmeyer (Crabtree & Evelyn Products to Help the Soiled

1998 Stuart Fulghum (Arts Council Presents Future Programs)

1998 Jane Casnellie (Merry Christmas Topiaries)

1999 Diane McEwen (Nuts and Seeds on a Stick)

1999 Ellis Hardison, Master Beekeeper (The Importance of Bees)

1999 Bill Stoffel (Beauteous Birds and Butterflies)

2000 Doug Shear (Creative Butterfly Buffet)

2000 Pete Gully (Gully’s Gardening Gossip), Roger Mercer (Daylilies)

2001 Aldena Frey (Fantastic Fall Creations)

2002 Janet Peele of Aberdeen Florist) House Plants

2002 Eric Honeycutt (Moore County Cooperative Extension Program)

2002 Michelle Roberts of The Garden Spot in West End (Spring Planting)

2002 Jack Webster (Opulent Orchids), Carmen Wiggins (Art Attack)

2003 Kay McTeague (Glaze Painting), Bill Shore (Beautiful Roses)

2003 Laurie Anderson of Dale’s Nursery (Bulbs & Potting Secrets)

2004 Dolores Muller (Wheat Weaving), Liz Kelly of Big Bloomers (Ground

2004 Vicki Stone of Village Design (Top Ten Decorating Mistakes)

2004 Elizabeth Brown of L & B Landscaping (Perennials)

2005 Roger Mercer of Mercer Daylilies (New Daylily Colors)

2005 Rob Jon Moore of Living and Lighting (Dramatic Garden Lighting)

2005 Nona Burrell and Renee Scesa (Easter Egg Workshop)

2005 Sue Allen and Anja Richardson (Miniature Arrangements with 
         Vintage Dishware)

2005 Helen Monroe and Barb Summers (Bluebirds-Nesting and Feeding)

2005 Megan Gulley Hunt and Susan Wilson (Pumpkins as Containers & 

2006 Alice Romans-Hess (Fresh Blooms While Waiting For Spring)

2006 Ellis Hardison (Life of Bees)

2006 Steven Graves of Red Door Fine Interiors (A Pretty Table)

2006 Janet Peele of Aberdeen Florist (Planting Bulbs in Containers or

2007 Aldena Frye (Unique Floral Designs)

2007 Jeff Etheridge (Landscaping and Design Plans)

2007 Carol Dowd of Botanicals Floral Shop (Beautiful Containers and 

2007 David Pike from Witherspoon Rose Culture of Durham (Roses)

2007 Debbie Amos from A Wild Hare (Magical Holiday Tables)

2008 Gail Scott of Lotus Designs (Designing Distinctive Landscapes)

2008 Bill Howell of Wilmington, NC (Camellias)

2008 Bruce Olin of Olin Tree Service (Diseases and Care of Native Trees)

2008 Arlene Hantjis, Master Gardener (Xeriscape Gardening)

2008 D.J. Farmer of Sandhills Community College (Horticultural Students)

2008 Donna Hefton of Birdies on Broad Street (Birds), Hester Petty, Tea
         Aficionado (Tea!)

2009 Linda Thorne of Seagrove Orchids (Orchids)

2009 Sally Larson of Fireshadow Pottery (Lifeline of a Piece of Pottery)

2009 Janet Peele of Aberdeen Florist (Container Planting)

2009 Lisa Elliott from Premier Lighting (Outdoor Lighting)

2009 Ellen Perkinson of Interior Designs (Accessorize Mantel and Dining
         Room Table)

2009 Linda Hamwi, Master Gardener (Container Gardening for Decks and

2010 Bob and Ruth Stolting, Master Gardeners (Honey Bees)

2010 Debbie Amos – “Bringing Color Into Your Home”

2010 Shawna Smith – “Pruning, Gardening and Cooking with Herbs”

2011 Terri Birkhauser, Margo Matarese and Martha Tournas

         “Capturing the Beauty of Flowers in Art”

2011 Jon Davis – “How to Invite Bluebirds and Hummingbirds into
         Your Garden"

2011 Audrey Moriarty – “A Pictorial History of the Village of Pinehurst”

2011 Marisa Back – “Flying Flowers Butterfly Gardens”

2011 Carol Dowd – “Wreaths for All Seasons”

2011 Cindy Ellison – “Deck The Halls”

2011 Keith McDaniel – “Olives…A Taste Older Than Wine”

2012 Barbara and Larry Cohen – “Propagation and Care of Houseplants”

2012 Audrey Moriarty – “Women of Pinehurst”

2012 Sherry Mortenson – “Fashionable Ensembles For Spring Travel

2012 Dolores Muller – “Successful Gardening in the Sandhills”
2012 Aldena Frye - "Decorating With Vegetables"
2012 Bruce Sorrie - "Wildflowers of the Sandhills"
2012  Audrey Moriarty - "A Historical View of Pinehurst"
2013  David Pike - "Successful Growing of Roses in the Sandhills"
2013  Carolina Eye Associates - "A Gardener's Guide to Skin and Eye Care"
2013  Jean Neil - "The Art of Japanese Flower Making-Ikebana"
2013  Cassie Willis and Lydia Acker - "A Visit to the Healing Gardens"

2013  Toby Bost - "Seven Habits of a Successful Gardener"
2013  Jennifer Forsman - "The Mediterranean Diet: Its Components and Benefits"
2013  Susan Wilson - "Creating a Beautiful Table Setting"
2014  Barb and Larry Cohen - "The Care and Handling of Camellias"
2014  Dr. Jeffrey White - Carolina Eye Associates"
2014  Amy Wood Pasquini - "Our State:  Living in the South"
2014  Bunky Hill - "The Art of Beekeeping with Bunky Hill"
2014  Julie Moore - "Inspired Tablescapes: The Art of Layering"
2014  Tim Ward and Diane Thomas - "Transitional Wreaths"
2014  David Fowler - "Holiday Wines: Complimentary Flavors"
2015  Marian Caso - "Tea Party"  The History of Tea and the Story of Lady Bedford
2015  Jane Casnellie - "A Garden Adventure" Follow the Leader Paint Class!
2015  Matt Hollyfield - "A Celebration of Centerpieces"
2015  Susan Wilson - "Container Gardening: Imaginative & Whimsical Creations"
2015  Matt Hollyfield - "Garden Armatures"
2015  Jon Davis- "Attracting Birds to Your Garden"
2015  Ellen Perkinson - "What A Beautiful Table!"
2016  Harvey Schultz - "Relief from Pain in the Garden and Home"
2016  Cav Peterson and Marie Carbrey - "Sandhills Womens Exchange"
2016  Professor Dee Johnson of Sandhills Community College
2016  Dolores Muller - "Container Gardening"
2016  Audrey Moriarty - "Tufts Archives and Given Library"
2016  Irene Stewart - Pottery Barn; "Table settings for the Holidays"
2016  Cathy Broutsas - "Floral Designs for the Holidays"
2017  Pat Valenti - "The Meaning of Flowers to Sophia Peabody & 19th Century       
2017  Jan Leitschuh - "Farm to Table, Recipes and More"
2017  Arlene Hantjis - "Native Plants of the Sandhills"
2017  Weymouth Woods State Park Ranger - "Longleaf Pine Echo System"
2017 Ben Williams - "Peaches, Pruning & More!"
2017 Maureen Fowley & Cathy Broutsas - "Cornucopia Centerpieces Workshop"
2018 Taylor Williams -  "The Master Gardener"  (Canceled due to weather)
2018 Jason Harpster - "Orchids"
2018 Morgan Sills - "Love Loss and What We Wore"
2018 Keely Harpster - "Container Gardening"
2018 Ellen Burke - "Artists and Their Gardens"
2018 Joe Grant - "The Inner Workings of STARWORKS"
2018 Dr. Linda Acker and Bethe Stevens - "Creating a Native Pollinator Garden at the Village Arboretum" and "The Magnificent Vanishing Monarch Butterfly and How We Can Help"
2019 Dr. Mike Rowland - "Magnesium Deficiencies in Our Soil, Food & Bodies"
2019 Jennifer Riley  - "Landscaping in Pinewild"
2019 Susan Zanetti - "First Health Hospice Garden"
2019 Mark Prinz - "Our Local Birds"
2019 Jesse Wimberley - "Prescribed Burnings in Our Pine Forests"
2019 Karen Frye - "The Benefits of CBD Products"
2019 Dee Johnson - "The History of the Sandhills Community College Horticultural Gardens"

“Bus Trips Across North Carolina”

1993 - 2019

1994 Azalea Gardens at Home of Gloria Murphy in Clarendon Gardens

1995 Sandhills Horticultural Gardens

1996 Green Haven Plant Farm in Carthage, NC

1997 Sarah P. Duke Gardens

1998 Chinqua-Penn Plantation

1999 Blooming Gardens at Montrose and Tour of Ayr Mount House

1999 Reynolda House in Winston-Salem, NC

2000 Niche Gardens in Chapel Hill, NC and Rasland Herb Farm in Godwin, NC

2000 Tour of Weymouth Gardens with Charlotte Gantz

2001 Tour of Weymouth Woods with Ranger Kim

2001 Tour of Sandhills Community College Gardens

2001 Tour of Cathy Smith’s Gardens in Pinehurst

2001 Seagrove Potters and Greenhouses of Carolina Hotel

2002 Sarah P. Duke Gardens

2003 Airlie Garden & Seagrove

2004 Sandhills Community College Gardens

2004 Juniper Level Botanical Gardens in Raleigh, NC

2005 Logan Trading Company in Raleigh, NC

2006 Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC

2006 Money of Normandy Exhibit at Museum of Art in Raleigh, NC

2007 Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University

2007 Logan Trading Company in Raleigh, NC

2009 Executive Mansion in Raleigh and J C Raulston Arboretum

2010 Homewood Nursery in Raleigh, NC

2011 North Carolina Museum of Art & Big Bloomers
2012 Historical Town of Hillsborough, NC & Ayr Mount  Estate
2013 Mordecai Historical Park and NC State Farmer's Market

2014 North Carolina Botanical Gardens & Southern Seasons
2015 Old Salem and Gardens Walking Tour & Replacements, LTD.
2016 Duke Gardens & Kiefer Landscaping and Nursery
2017 Highland University Gardens/Greensboro, Blandwood House, O'Henry Hotel
2018 Art in Bloom - North Carolina Art Museum/Cameron Village
2019 Lavender Oaks Farm & Niche Gardens

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