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Master Gardener Tips

                       MARCH 2019 MASTER GARDENING TIPS



                          LINDEN GARDEN CLUB OF PINEWILD
                               Horticultural Tips from Barb Cohen

Hi everyone,

Spring is almost here and we should be thinking about our gardens.  Since our weather has been so erratic it might be a nice idea to plant flowers for your pollinators such as butterflies, bees, and birds.  Please keep in mind that certain sprays will definitely deter the insects.

My favorite insect is butterflies.  There are so many varieties and colors that add a gentle and serene grace to our gardens.  Their miraculous stages of growth are fascinating to observe.  From black and yellow caterpillars to their flight they are non-threatening and necessary for pollination.  Some plants that they love are:

  • Verbena (Verbena bonariensis) – blooms spring to frost; violet, deer resistant, drought tolerant, reseeds easily, full sun, 24” to 48” high, heat tolerant.
  • Goldenrod (solidago rugosa) – blooms mid-September to frost, yellow, well-drained soil, 2’ to 3’ high
  • Mexican sunflowers (Fithonia rotundifolia) – annual, orange or red, blooms mid summer to frost, full sun and well-drained soil
  • Zinnia (Zinnia elegans) – choose the taller ones, example: State Fair mix, early summer to frost, well-drained soil, 36” to 48” high
  • Cup plant (Silphiuem perfoliatum) – 4’ to 10’ high, for back of borders, yellow, traps water for insects to drink

There are so many other flowers such as coneflower, salvia, black-eyed Susan, Joe-Pye weed, butterfly bush, milk-weed, ironweed, etc.

Supply butterflies with water, shelter, and places to raise their young and they will love your garden.  They love to eat parsley so this event can’t be blamed on the deer.

In March:

  • Add pre-emergence to lawns and flower beds
  • Cut back ornamental grasses
  • Fertilize crape myrtles
  • Prune althea and buddleia
  • Clean garden beds
  • do NOT plant flowers before April 15th.  I wait until the end of April
  • Prepare houseplants for going outside
  • Remove any dead branches from plantings
  • Remove weeds which have already gotten a start
    • TIP:  put cardboard down as a deterrent for weeds in open areas and cover with pine straw
    • Apply herbicide for crabgrass
    • Fertilize shade trees, shrubs, and lime where necessary
    • Lime vegetable garden if not done in fall
    • Great time to plant
    • Mow tall fescue grass if needed
    • Wait to fertilize warm season grasses
    • Good time to divide hostas, daylilies, phlox, shasta daisies, etc
    • Best time to prune roses
    • DO NOT pollard your crape myrtles!


Any questions call me at 910-255-0010 or email





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