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Master Gardener Tips

                         JULY 2018 MASTER GARDENING TIPS


Hi Everyone,


Even though I know how to properly plant and transplant shrubs etc, they can still die. Three months ago I felt it necessary to transplant several of our trees: holes dug, compost amended in with new soil, hole watered, planted the plants and watered in thoroughly. For three weeks I babied these plants by watering everyday: put them on the drip system, and watched two of my favorite trees expire. There is no known reason why this should have played-out the way it did. I shall replace the plants in the fall, but this shouldn't have happened. So - even when you are sure of what you are doing - it may not be enough. Very disappointed and I shall blame it on the shock of moving them after the bad winter. It can happen to anyone. With the rains that we had in early spring and now the high temps, we can only hope that our plants will do well.


July tips:


  • Maintain 3" height when mowing.
  • Water at least a good inch once a week.
  • Alternate mowing direction



  • Shrubs and trees need at least 1" of water per week. Best time to water is in the morning.
  • Container plantings need to be watered everyday especially in these high temps.



  • Early July spread 10-10-10 or 0-0-20 to boost blooming.
  • Add potash 0-0-22 by broadcasting.


Don't forget to deadhead your flowers. Check for insects and treat accordingly.


Some very interesting plants that have curve appeal are: Sagae hosta, Sensitive fern, and Japanese forest grass.

Sagae hosta- slightly variegated; can grow up to 3' wide and tall. A beautiful hosta for the garden if you do not have a deer problem.

Sensitive fern - beautifully textured fronds; a real looker that thrives in shady, moist soil.

Japanese forest grass - Very graceful cascading blades that have a very fine texture; the golden leaves of 'Aureola' really lend a brightness to partial shade.

Any of these plants will enhance your garden and give a curved appearance or rounded appearance to your design.


Any questions, please call or email.



Hi Everyone,


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