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Master Gardener Tips

                         FEBRUARY 2018 MASTER GARDENING TIPS


Hi Everyone,

Hasn't this been a different winter?  Do not fret, because those plantings that look awful right now may come back! Do not cut or pull-out anything until the spring comes and you may see new growth. However, I do think that some of our plantings gave up and may not make it. I would definitely give them a chance and pray a lot for their new growth.

This is a good time to think about our spring gardens and clean-up.Think about putting down pre-emergence and clean-up around your camellias.

By the end of February:

  • Fertilize shade trees, shrubs and lime where necessary.
  • Lime vegetable garden.
  • Plant and transplant plants.
  • Apply herbicides for crabgrass.
  • Mow tall fescue.
  • Prune to 1/3 ornamental grasses, butterfly bushes, lantana, and roses (1/4 above healthy bud); and remove dead wood from base. This depends on what variety of rose you have.
  • Mulch around plants.
  • Divide hostas, daylillies, phlox, and shasta daisies.
  • Crepe Myrtles - DO NOT pollard your tree. Prune dead branches back to the trunk or prune-up, but do not murder these beautiful graceful trees.
  • Hardwood cuttings can be taken now.
  • Check houseplants to see if they need re-potting, insect control, etc. When re-potting only increase by one pot size.
  • Clean-up all tools to be ready for work in the spring.

Any questions, please contact me at: or 255-0010






Click on the following file for tips on "Container Gardening with Herbs" by Master Gardener, Linda Hamwi.

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