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Master Gardener Tips

                        NOVEMBER 2018 MASTER GARDENING TIPS
(This is the last monthly gardening tips report until February 2019)



                          LINDEN GARDEN CLUB OF PINEWILD
                               Horticultural Tips from Barb Cohen

Hi Everyone,


Do you think that we had enough rain?  Of course, the answer is yes, but you should still water your plantings one last time for the winter.  Hard to believe, but they need this watering.  If you have planted new shrubbery / trees they will require H20. 

I have no idea how our gardens will fare in the spring.  2018 brought freezing temps, rain, hot days, and then the 2 hurricanes.  If this winter is mild - all should go well.  I guess we shall have to wait and see.

For November: 

Planting: This is the best time of the year to plant.  Your plants  will have the winter to establish their roots and be ready for the spring.  You will also have to water much less.

Prune: Remove all dead wood and diseased branches. 

            Do not spray for insects.  You are wasting your money and there will be new leaves in the spring.  


Remove old and fallen leaves which contain disease spores.  Also, remove any debris around your plantings (especially around camellias) and do not put the debris in your compost pile.  Dispose of them in your garden trash can.

Perennials: It’s a good time to expand beds and create new ones; add 2" mulch; don't fertilize beds

  • Finish dividing your plants and plant them
  • Cut-back peonies and other perennials after first frost; 
  • Clean-up dead leaves; and use potash (0-0-22 ) for the winter around your plantings.  0-0-22 helps the roots to grow.

Lawns: Cool season grasses can be fertilized 

  • Do not fertilize Bermuda, Zoysia, or Centipede grass
  • Can seed Fall Fescue grass through November and water often.

I must tell you about a wonderful perennial that I recently bought at Big Bloomers in Tramway.  We had never planted Coreopsis and I thought that it would look lovely in the perennial garden for next season.  It was a small plant that had some lovely yellow flowers .  To my delight, not only did it bloom more, but it spread over a vast area in the garden. It wasn't supposed to, but it did.   For those of you who do not own Coreopsis - buy some.  You will be so pleased.  This perennial needs sun; comes in yellow, orange, maroon, or reddish flowers; and blooms in profusion .  Shear back after first flush; they say it grows to 1' to 3'; however, if you have seen ours you will see that the flowers are over my head.  I guess I must have bought the giant variety.

This will be my last newsletter until February.  If you have any questions, please contact me at:

Enjoy the holiday season.




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