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Master Gardener Tips

                        OCTOBER 2018 MASTER GARDENING TIPS



                          LINDEN GARDEN CLUB OF PINEWILD
                               Horticultural Tips from Barb Cohen

Hi Everyone,


WOW!  That was a storm.  Even Noah thought it was impressive.  Hoping that all went well for you all and your plantings were ok.  Even if everything looks fine - the winter was severe; we had a hot summer; and then heavy rains - they all take their toll on our plants.  Some will fare well, but we may find that others just got too much H2O.  The results may not show-up until next year, but let’s hope for the best.


For the month:


  • Soil test
  • 60 to 80 degrees is a good time to start a new lawn.
  • ONLY fertilize fescue grass through November.



  • Prepare plants to bring in by October 15.  
  • Clean, repot, and check for critters before bringing your plants inside.



  • Mark site so you know where they were.
  • Divide and plant.
  • Keep deadheading roses and keep watering them.


Trees and shrubs:

  • Prepare them for winter with mulching - 2" to 3".  Do not smother.
  • Use 0-0-22 which helps the roots to grow during the winter months.
  • This is the best time to plant shrubs and trees.
  • Search for webworms and remove.


You can plant bulbs when temps go to 60 and below.


After Florence, we all need to feel more relaxed.  I know I sure do.  If planning a garden think:

  • Soothing shades of pink, burgundy, and white.
  • Focus on foliage - beautiful leaves ex. smokebush, redbuds, variegated plants, lamb's ears, etc.
  • Dark colors - look farther away while light colors look closer and add more depth.
  • Light colors and variegated plants stand-out in the evening.
  • No tight corners or hard straight lines.
  • Add a bubbling fountain.
  • Add a fire pit with comfortable seating.
  • Trees for shade - don't forget small ornamental trees.


Now relax and enjoy your garden.  You’ve earned it.


Any questions - please contact me at: or 255.0010




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