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Master Gardener Tips

                       JULY 2019 MASTER GARDENING TIPS



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                                     Horticultural Tips from Barb Cohen 

Hi Everyone,
The rain never comes when we need it and then when it does rain - wow!   Just be mindful that too much water is just as bad as too little water.  When we have dried out check for fungus etc. and treat accordingly.  Also, check areas of water where mosquitoes will breed.  Treat those areas with Dunks which can be bought at any nursery or plant store.  
Warning:  While on Master Gardener Helpline we received a call pertaining to a crepe myrtle dying.  It turns out that a homeowner wanted to destroy weeds that were growing under his crepe myrtle so he sprayed with Round-up.  The spray was absorbed by the soil; killed the weeds; and then it killed the crepe myrtle roots.  Please read all directions carefully!  Also, be sure to cover yourself when using these products.  
Tips for July: 
Lawn:    Mow at a 3" height.  Water at least a good inch every week.  Alternate mowing direction.  Hopefully you have treated your lawn for grubs.  If not, be on the look-out for their damage.
Watering:  Water shrubs and trees at least an inch every week.    When the temps rise be sure to water your container pots each day.
Fertilize:  Early July use 10-10-10 or 0-0-22 to boost blooming.  0--0-22 is potash which can be broadcasted by hand.  All annuals and perennials; discontinue use of slow release fertilizer.
Pruning:  Prune shrubs after they bloom.  Keep pinching mums to get good blooms in late summer and fall.  Finish all major pruning.  Prune to shape.
Be sure to keep deadheading and check for insects through-out summer.  Watch for whiteflies, Japanese beetles, fungus and of course weeds.
A very interesting plant for the garden is : "Cleopatra" foxtail lily (Eremunus x isabellinus 'Cleopatra');  This wonderful flower produces 2 foot long flower spikes that bloom in mid-summer.  Burnt orange in color; 4 to 5 feet tall; full sun; well-drained soil and somewhat dry conditions and blooms for weeks.  It is great as a background flower or just where you want to “WOW”.
Enjoy the garden.  Any questions please contact me at:  


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