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Master Gardener Tips

                       NOVEMBER 2017 MASTER GARDENING TIPS


Hi Everyone,

Fall brings us such beautiful color in the garden and many flowers such as: camellias, salvia, roses, oxmanthus fragrans, and viburnum are still blooming. Beautiful yes, but still so much work to do. By now all of your houseplants are indoors; you have started or are finished mulching; and your perennials are ready to be cut down. This is the best time to garden - no heat and no mosquitoes to bother you. The garden is still such a joy!


  • Warm season grasses are going dormant; do not fertilize.
  • Tall fescue, blue grass, and rye can be fertilized before Thanksgiving.
  • Keep raking newly planted lawns.


  • Do not prune spring flowering plants.
  • Prune-out only dead or diseased branches.


  • They should all be inside, cleaned-up. and re-potted if necessary.

All bulbs should be planted during November.

Mulch all planting with 2 to 3 inches of compost.

Add potash ( 0-0-22) to all plantings for root growth.


  • This is the best time to plant new shrubs or trees.
  • Remember to water in well until cool weather sets-in.
  • Follow prior guidelines that I have written about and your newly planted plants will do very well.


Rethinking colors for Fall:

We have the beautiful changing foliage for a trees, but also consider the blues, purples, and ambers. Remember that form and texture is very important along with color to make an interesting palette, which can be created with flowers. A fall garden can be just as lovely as the summer and spring.

NOTE: Important to remember that at this time of year the colder temps bring out the red ants. Be sure to know where the mounds are and apply either Andro or Come and Get It around the mound. Do not apply the pellets into the hole, but place the pellets several inches away from the hole, so that the ants will not spread-out. Andro and Come and Get It should be watered into the soil and then it is safe for your pets to be around. Good luck and be careful.

There will be no horticultural notes for December and January; however, if there are any questions - do not hesitate to contact me.  I shall be out-of reach in January, but will get back to you asap upon my return home.

Have a wonderful holiday season.






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