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Master Gardener Tips

                         APRIL 2018 MASTER GARDENING TIPS


Hi Everyone,

Just when we thought that February was bringing us into the Spring - Mother Nature surprised us. March has been cold and rainy and certainly not good for gardening. Actually, with the rain, weeding was made easier.  Other than that, March has been difficult for gardeners as-well-as for the golfers. Perhaps we shall have better weather after the pollen passes.

April tips: • Fertilize plants if you did not in March. • Good time to plant azaleas. • After flowers fade - prune azaleas, lilacs, forsythia, spirea, and weigelas. • Mulch if necessary. • Plant annual flowers at end of April. DO NOT plant before April 15th and this year I would absolutely wait until the end of April to be sure the cold weather has past us. • .Maintain your lawns at 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" height. • Plant warm season grass such as: Bermuda and Centipede. • .Plant Zoysia grass in May. • Prune flowering plants only after they have flowered. • This is a good time to plant shrubs and trees.

I have been doing some research about shrubs for privacy and have found a plant that I was not aware of, but is very nice and I wish to pass along the info. The plant that I am researching is: Illicium or Anise tree. Foremost, it is an evergreen shrub, and likes partial or full shade. However, I know from other readings that it does well in the sun too. This plant is noted for its foliage and flowers. It has thick glossy leathery leaves.  The small flowers are reminiscent of small magnolia flowers. This plant is good for an under-story planting and for screening, is tolerant of dry soil and seldom needs pruning. There are 3 different varieties of Illicium, so there is an Illicium for any garden.

Any questions: Do not hesitate to contact me.  Enjoy! Barb


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