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Sandhills Community College Book Scholarships

The Linden Garden Club has taken pride in sponsoring  book scholarships to  Sandhills Community College students studying Horticulture or Landscaping. In the past, beautifully wrapped themed baskets (as many as 40) have been raffled off at the Holiday Luncheon with all the proceeds going toward the scholarships.  The past two years the Linden Garden Club members decided to write individual checks toward the Scholarships amounting to $1,745.00 in 2017 and $2,500.00 in December 2018.  Our 2017 winners were Thomas Bardroff of Seven Lakes and Brian Horn of Raeford.  Margie Butcher shared their thank you letters with the members in September at the first meeting.  Below are both letters.


From: Thomas Bardroff of Seven Lakes

I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is an honor to be selected for the Linden Garden Club of Pinewild Landscape Gardening Book Fund.  No amount of words contained here can express my gratitude to you and your club.  I grew up in a small and poor neighborhood in Maryland,  a place where I had to always worry about financial stability even as a kid.  While my position has changed I still feel the financial burden of having to pay for school.

With the scholarship you've awarded me it has helped relieve a part of that burden and allowed me to focus more on my studies.  One day I have hopes of owning my own greenhouse business. I want to grow and spread the beauty
of flowers across the world and with what you've awarded me you've helped me get closer to that dream.  I can never repay such kindness and generosity. However, I will continue to work hard and make you and your club proud.

Thank you,
Thomas Bardroff

From: Brian Horn of Raeford

I would like to take the time to thank you for selecting me as the recipient of the Linden Garden Club of Pinewild Landscape Gardening Book Fund through Sandhills Community College. The funds received from this scholarship will help me to obtain my Associates Degree in Landscape Gardening while working full time without putting any undue strain on my family's financial budget and allowing me to better focus on my studies.

I truly appreciate the assistance and belief in my abilities demonstrated by selecting me for this scholarship. I look forward to completing this program and entering the work force with a new career in the greenhouse industry.

Brian Horn

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